Call of the wild

In the northwestern corner of Washington State, just ninety minutes north of Seattle and forty-five minutes from the Canadian border lies one of the largest, most beautiful timber-lined lakes in the entire Northwest. Lake Whatcom. And it remains to this day, a pristine natural gem little known outside of the immediate surrounding area. Over 12 miles long, Lake Whatcom, the fourth largest lake in Washington State extends northwest from the foothills of the Cascade Mountains to the city of Bellingham. And Wildwood’s lakefront cottages rest right at the lake’s pristine southern shores on a quiet and serene bay where the lake gets up to 70 (F) degrees come summer. Here on South Bay at Wildwood very little development has taken place and it will remain that way. The crystal clear waters and the views of this sapphire lake and green velvet mountains across the bay are quite simply awe-inspiring. Wildwood’s intimate lakefront cottages will become the foundation for memories that will bond you and your family and create a legacy that will continue for generations to come. As the fresh water reservoir for Bellingham, the care given to this important asset is meticulous…yet it is a wonderful recreation source where water sports flourish in perfect harmony. While the north end of Lake Whatcom is dotted with large luxurious homes, the south end is essentially untouched. A few cabins peek out from behind the trees. Nature abounds and fishing for bass, trout and perch is all at your doorstep. Wildwood’s  cottages for sale on Lake Whatcom – pure magic! Learn more about Wildwood’s lakefront cottages for sale on Lake Whatcom.  Register now!